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This abstract composition is purposed to spotlight an ancient burial site that is shrouded in so much mystery that it's relevance is often forgotten about, overlooked or disregarded.

Massive boulders surrounded the remains of a 35-40 year old man that dates back about 4000 years, breaking the belief that we only inhabited the island 2000 years prior.

Nobody can be sure whether this configuration of boulders were placed there by some other worldly force or occurred naturally. We have our beliefs over on this end based on direct experiences but nonetheless, we continue the conversation; WHO WERE YOU HOMBRE DE PUERTO FERRO?

***10% of this shirts proceeds will be donated to the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust . ( www.vcht.org ) ***

Artist : Joel Verges @JoelVerges

Style # : The All Season

100% ring-spun 40s jersey cotton

Graded to resist shrinkage - stays true to size

*model is wearing medium

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